Structural and Ornamental Pruning Services

As a Licensed Arborist, our focus is on preserving and maintaining the ornamental trees and shrubs in your custom designed landscape. We will artfully and strategically prune your trees and shrubs to impact growth and overall plant health.

Structural and Ornamental Pruning Services

Properly pruning our shrubs and trees can not only improve their aesthetics, but also their health. This type of work is vital to plant development. Whether it is identifying unsafe branch unions or improving air flow to reduce disease proper pruning can be utilized throughout all landscapes.

Having an Arborist take care of your pruning will ensure that the proper tools are used for the job. Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and Andromeda are plants that should almost always be pruned by hand. Plants like Boxwood, Japanese Holly, and Burning Bush are shrubs that you can use shears on.

Shearing is a good type of pruning when going for a certain formal aesthetic, but if you only ever shear your shrubs without thinning, you will have no interior growth on your plants. This may not seem like much of an issue until snow damage occurs and the plant is no longer salvageable! Proper pruning when performed at the correct time also helps to improve flower and fruit production.

Fruit Tree pruning is another service that is best left to a licensed Arborist to improve your chances at an abundant crop yield.


  • Truly satisfied. I had some concerns about spraying my yard with pesticides at first, due to kids and family pets. But after having met Alfons, he educated me and put my mind at ease. I’ve seen a big impact after the first spray. 5.0 – Google Reviews

    Maria R.
  • So happy with the service! Quick response, knowledgeable, and payed attention to detail. Thank you!! 5.0 – Google Reviews

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  • Al's knowledge of shrubs and trees and their eco systems is unparalleled. He's the best in the business. If you've got trees on your land that you love and want to see them really thrive, you need a real knowledgeable and dependable arborist. Look no further. Highly recommended. 5.0 – Google Reviews

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