Insect and Disease Management Services

As a Licensed Arborist, our focus is on preserving and maintaining the ornamental trees and shrubs in your custom designed landscape. We know exactly how to handle each insect species with minimal impact to your property’s ecosystem.

Insect and Disease Management Services

Insect and disease management covers a wide range of issues our landscape plants have to deal with. Almost every plant has a pest that can negatively affect the health of our plantings or cause death. Symptoms such as defoliation, holes, branch dieback, and discoloration are some of the signs we can look for in helping identify which pests are present.

Insects like scale, adelgid, caterpillars, and beetles may be dealt with through cultural practices, beneficial insect releases, and insecticide treatments. Diseases such as phytophthora, leaf spot, cedar apple rust, scab, and needle cast can sometimes be tackled with cultural practices. More often than not fungicide applications are necessary in these situations.

Cultural practices are services typically involving infected material removal or structural pruning.

Having a licensed Arborist inspect your trees and shrubs regularly is a great way of preventing plant loss. Usually being proactive as opposed to reactive is the best strategy when maintaining our landscapes as opposed to reaching out when a tree or shrub starts to look sick!


  • Truly satisfied. I had some concerns about spraying my yard with pesticides at first, due to kids and family pets. But after having met Alfons, he educated me and put my mind at ease. I’ve seen a big impact after the first spray. 5.0 – Google Reviews

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  • Al's knowledge of shrubs and trees and their eco systems is unparalleled. He's the best in the business. If you've got trees on your land that you love and want to see them really thrive, you need a real knowledgeable and dependable arborist. Look no further. Highly recommended. 5.0 – Google Reviews

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