Root Flair Injection Services

As a Licensed Arborist, our focus is on preserving and maintaining the ornamental trees and shrubs in your custom designed landscape, as opposed to removing them.

Root Flair Injection Services

Root flair injections or Basal injections are a recently developed tool in our ever growing arsenal of plant healthcare options. This service can almost be looked at as giving the plant an IV injection. 

Many insects can be controlled in this manner and it is a very surgical and self contained method of treatment using very little insecticide. Pests such as gypsy moths and emerald ash borers can be eliminated this way.

This treatment is performed by carefully drilling into the base of the tree, capping the hole with a capsule, and then finally putting the material into the capsule through the use of a specialized injection tool. The material is then distributed throughout the entire canopy by the tree itself!

One huge benefit of this type of treatment is the very low amount of insecticide that is needed for the service.


  • Truly satisfied. I had some concerns about spraying my yard with pesticides at first, due to kids and family pets. But after having met Alfons, he educated me and put my mind at ease. I’ve seen a big impact after the first spray. 5.0 – Google Reviews

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