Deer and Rodent Repellent Treatment Services

As a Licensed Arborist, our focus is on preserving and maintaining the ornamental trees and shrubs in your custom designed landscape. We know exactly how to handle each invasive animal species with minimal impact to your property’s ecosystem.

Deer and Rodent Repellent Treatment Services

During our cold Connecticut winters food is a bit tougher to come by for the furry herbivores of our forests! This may lead to deer and rodents feeding on your beautifully designed landscape plantings.

Having susceptible plants sprayed with materials that deter this type of damage can help to protect them. If your plants are damaged by these animals it can lead to permanent deformities or even plant death.

Our landscapes are meant to brighten up our yards, help pollinators, and improve curb appeal. Since there really are plenty of food sources found in the woods, protecting our gardens just makes sense.


  • Truly satisfied. I had some concerns about spraying my yard with pesticides at first, due to kids and family pets. But after having met Alfons, he educated me and put my mind at ease. I’ve seen a big impact after the first spray. 5.0 – Google Reviews

    Maria R.
  • So happy with the service! Quick response, knowledgeable, and payed attention to detail. Thank you!! 5.0 – Google Reviews

    Angela V
  • Al's knowledge of shrubs and trees and their eco systems is unparalleled. He's the best in the business. If you've got trees on your land that you love and want to see them really thrive, you need a real knowledgeable and dependable arborist. Look no further. Highly recommended. 5.0 – Google Reviews

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