Keeping Your Plants Healthy, Beautiful and Safe From Pests

As a Licensed Arborist, our focus is on preserving and maintaining plants in your landscape as opposed to removing them.


Our company is focused on keeping your plants healthy, beautiful, and most of all safe. Preserving and maintaining plants in your landscape as opposed to removing them is our primary goal.

We take pride in providing clients with answers and solutions so that they can rest easy knowing their plantings are cared for. A large part of the business is educating homeowners on what fertilization and treatments their plants require to stay vibrant and strong.

When your regular landscaping company falls short on how to cure a diseased or insect damaged tree & shrub, you need to call in a Licensed Arborists.

We specialize in Professional Tree and Shrub care with a focus on customer education. We work with property owners to develop a strategic plan to care for all of their plantings and ornamental trees.

We often see unique requests like Emerald Ash Boring Beetle Removal, Root Fertilization Treatments and Fruit Tree Pruning. We offer complimentary property evaluations, contact us today and find us on facebook. 


I take pride in providing my clients with answers and solutions so that they can rest easy knowing their plantings are cared for.


The supplementation of nutrition into the soil to increase the health and vigor of the nearby plantings. Fertilizers can be comprised of many different macro and micro nutrients.

Overtime plants and soils change so it may be necessary to provide fertilization to help improve the quality of both.

Insect and disease management:

Caring for plantings goes much deeper than simply watering. Many insects and disease will cause harm to landscapes.

Through proper treatment these issues can be taken care of to improve the health of your landscape.

Root Flair Injections:

In some cases root flair injections are the best method of control for insect and disease issues. This allows for much less pesticide usage and when the treatment is performed properly by a licensed arborist it is extremely effective.

Invasive weed treatment:

Not all the green in our landscapes is sought after. Through a combination of removal and treatment invasive weeds can be taken care of efficiently.

Ornamental Pruning:

Proper pruning is a fundamental part of ensuring healthy growth and structural development in your plantings.

Tree Preservation and Removal consultation:

Inspecting a tree and its environment is crucial to ensuring that the tree can continue to thrive. Often times an unhealthy tree is due to its environment, not necessarily insect or disease issues.

When safety of property or people is a concern it may be determined the best course of action is removal of certain trees. Helping determine the next steps to be taken is my goal.

Soil Invigoration and Aeration:

Soil compaction is a common issue for trees in a landscape setting. Soil invigoration is essentially the tilling of the soil around a planting to reduce compaction and help roots to develop properly.

This tilling is done using an air compressor so that roots are not harmed in the tilling process. This is especially useful for trees that are near foundations or driveways.

Tree and Shrub Root Collar Excavations:

Too much soil at the base of a tree can lead to girdling roots and basal failures. This process will non-invasively remove the excess soil from the base of the tree and prune any undesirable roots that are hindering the plant from properly growing.

Professional Arborist quality fertilization and plant disease treatments that enable your plants to stay vibrant and strong.